Paperback Book Exchange in Farmington, New Mexico


Amy’s Bookcase is a brick and mortar paperback book exchange in Farmington, NM.  We currently house over 100,000 books, categorized by subject and author, in an organized atmosphere. We are conveniently located, carry most mainstream genres and offer a cost effective paperback book exchange program. 


Amy’s Bookcase has been Family owned since 1980, and was originally opened in about 1968. Although the store has changed owners a few times since then, we still have some of the original customers. We are a proud independent bookstore!


Our store is clean and organized. Our volunteer staff is knowledgeable and can not only assist you in finding what you are looking for, but can also make suggestions.

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About Us

      In 1980 Dale and Jean Pancoast became the 5th owners of “The Bookcase” paperback exchange which was started in about 1968. They grew the business, and became invested in the community, providing a great reading resource in the Four Corners region. Their daughter, Amy Henkenius, and her husband, Mike, bought the store from Dale and Jean in 1998, renaming it Amy’s Bookcase, and continuing the tradition of service to the community.


    Through the years, we have been involved in collecting for food drives, working with volunteers, donating books to local agencies, servicemen and veterans, and providing an eyeglasses drop for the Lions Club. We value our community, and look forward to serving for many years to come.

Book Exchange

     Amy’s Bookcase offers a book exchange that makes it easy and affordable to gain access to new-to-you books. We give store credit for your Used Paperback Books at ¼ the manufacturer’s price, to be used towards our used books, which are ½ the manufacturer’s price (Minimum 50 cents). Additionally, there is an exchange fee of 50 cents per book you purchase. There are some limits on what type and how many books you may bring in.  If you are looking for a good bargain, this is it!

Paperback Books

     We have a large collection of used paperback books available, with a constantly changing inventory. You might find a copy of a classic novel you want to re-read, or discover a new mystery favorite! If you enjoy cheap reading therapy, you can also exchange paperback books that you are ready to recirculate.

    Our collection of over 100,000 books includes a wide selection of genres, including everything from romance novels, to biographies, mysteries, westerns, science fiction, and a large inventory of young adult and children’s books. While most of our inventory is paperback books, we do carry a few hardcover books, such as coffee table photograph books, some newer titles, classic literature, and reference books.

New Books, Special Orders and Gifts

    Amy's Bookcase carries a select inventory of new books, including some local interest books, children’s books, local travel and adventure guides to help you "Jolt Your Journey" and new releases by several authors. Additionally, we can also assist you with special orders and pre-orders of upcoming new releases. Amy's Bookcase also carries a variety of reading related gifts, including bookmarks, reading glasses, jewelry, book covers, Bookseat book holders, and tote bags.  We also carry locally crafted products such as bookmarks, cards, and jewelry. There is always something interesting for sale!

Special Events and Booksignings:

      Amy’s Bookcase hosts events such as a monthly Storytime at Amy’s Bookcase for young children, and an informal monthly writers group. Each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Amy’s Bookcase participates in Small Business Saturday with special deals.  Check our Facebook page or call for details!


      You might get to meet a favorite local author if you attend one of Amy’s Bookcase’s booksignings! We have the author come in and sign copies of his or her latest book while doing a meet and greet, and sometimes reading an excerpt from the book.

Local Authors

     We are happy to be able to support our local authors!  We have several books by authors such as Rhonda Gibson, Karen Cogan, Angel Wolfe, Michael McDonald, Margaret Cheasebro, Michael Maddox, Linda Castle, Kevin Boekhoff, and more!


Check out our Local Interest section for authors such as John Nichols, Rudolfo Anaya, and M. Scott Momaday. We also have Southwest Mysteries, including Tony Hillerman, Anne Hillerman, J.A. Jance, Michael McGarrity, and James Doss. We also carry a large selection of Louis L’Amour novels.


      Amy’s Bookcase has been privileged to receive a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We want to share some those comments with you. Here is what they had to say.


“Looking for a great book? Amy’s is the place to go! She is always on hand to help and share a laugh. Stop by today.” ~Rhonda


“This is a great used bookstore! Huge inventory, well organized, great service. Excellent terms for used book credit and great prices for book purchases. Good advice about what to read depending on what your personal preferences are.”- Connie


“This is the best place ever to get all of your books, whether you like horror or suspense or drama or romance like me. Every time I go in I always leave with a ton of amazing books… you looking for something good to read… Amy’s Bookcase has it…!!!!” ~Crystal


“This place is the BEST!!!! Been going here since I was really little (and that was a while ago.)” ~Angel


“Love, love, love this place… a smile, warm getting & always remember your name!!!” ~Lee


“I'm fairly new to this area and walked into your friendly book store last week. I enjoy reading but always have the frustration of finding a story that would interest me. I didn't want a romance, science fiction, gore, foul words, lust to make you blush, or the happily ever after......just a pleasant story. You helpfully gave me a few suggestions. Last night I finished "The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax" by Dorothy Gilman. I just want to thank you for a very nice read.” – Katie

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